Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Portugal will always maintain the Faith

Benedict XVI said quite a bit in Portugal, the country in which our Lady promised the three seers would always maintain the faith. (Please see the prior post for the entire text) Speaking to the Portuguese public, Benedict XVI stated: “Thus the Church has a profound need to relearn penance, to accept purification, to learn forgiveness but also the need for justice. Forgiveness does not replace justice".

This seems to acknowledge the New Vatican Church’s need to subject itself to justice (hopefully severe punishment) for raping, molestation and humiliation of Christ’s own little children, so precious, trusting and innocent. Benedict XVI’s words give us hope that, finally, the New Vatican Church will get rid of any and all clergy who participated or hid paedophiles which includes any and all of its bishops. We shall see how much of his speech will yield good fruit or how much of his speech was political.

The Portuguese are a people, whose collective memory is imbued with the visions of Our Of Lady of Fatima and whose history is full of great saints which sacrificed themselves for the Glory of God to take Christ’s message of Salvation to the far corners of the earth so that every one could have the chance to partake in Christ’s promise at Calvary, that all that eat His bread and drink His cup would have eternal life.

Disturbingly, in this once “Catholic” country, the secular government has liberalized its laws on divorce and abortion, and whose parliament has moved to approve laws that would allow homosexuals to marry.

So what happened to this country that would always maintain the faith? Does this make our Lady a liar, the Church a liar, or is there some other explanation?
Firstly, I do not believe that Our Lady is a liar. The Vatican claims that the Third Secret has been published to its fullest. In its published report, the Vatican does not comment on Portugal’s special place among nations to uphold the faith. So why is it we should believe that the Vatican has revealed the Third Secret to its fullest?

Catholics have relied on the Pope and the Vatican over the centuries because of its credibility. Catholics believe that the sacraments administered by the Church are valid because of holy tradition, the Gospels, faith, and Apostolic Succession. We are essentially sheep following our pastors in good faith trusting that our Church would not lie to us.

However, logic dictates we look at the Vatican and ask our selves what kind of fruits has the Church had in the last 40 years?

The Church, headquartered in the Vatican, has lost innumerable amount of seminarians, priests and nuns in the past 40 years. The New Vatican Church has changed the Mass and created a political constitution for the Church call Lumen Gentium. It has hid homosexuality, secularism, and pedophilia within its clergy. Once these are “discovered” they appear not to be punished. Every time the New Vatican Church hid a priest who molested a child it lied. Every lie makes the New Vatican Church less and less credible. Essentially, then, the New Vatican Church has been a failure, a liar, and a sinner. Could this then still be the Church of Christ? Does this explain why so many people have left the New Vatican Church for Protestantism?

How is it then can we trust the New Vatican Church for telling us the truth about the Third Secret? The truth that it is very clear that Portugal is no longer a Catholic Country and neither is any other country in Europe for that matter. Most certainly, the Third Secret must address the consequences of sin, apostasy and suffering within the Church.

Fortunately, those of us lucky enough to have rediscovered the true Mass can enjoy the graces received through the reception of Our Lord and Savior at Holy Communion and Penance. We, should, then, give praise and thanksgiving for this grace, humble our selves to God asking for his mercy, and pray for those who do not have the Mass.

I do not believe that ever, in the history of the Western World, or in the History of the Church, has the “so called Catholic Church” been so steeped in mistruth and immorality until these last 40 years. Not even during the Great Western Schism or Arianism could we find such divergence from Catholic theology and morality as we find today in the New Vatican Church. The faithful during the Great Western Schism and Arianism still had the Mass and Sacraments. The New Vatican Church has doubtful Sacraments at best.

Regrettably, we are witnessing a divergence so large that it is really hard to believe. It feels as if we are somehow caught up in the eye of a tornado. We have the Sacraments and grace (praise God) yet we can see the destruction, filth and immorally all about us.

I humbly ask God for the grace and perseverance to ride out the storm. In Jesus’ name.

Praise God.

Excerpt form VIS, Benedict XVI’s own words:

Taken from the Vatican Information Sercvice:



VATICAN CITY, 11 MAY 2010 (VIS) - This morning during his flight to Portugal, the Holy Father responded - as he traditionally does on his flights abroad - to a number of questions put to him by the journalists accompanying him on the papal plane.

Answering a query about the current secularisation of Portugal, a once profoundly Catholic country, the Holy Father replied that Portugal "has carried the faith to all corners of the world; a courageous, intelligent and creative faith. ... The dialectic between secularism and faith in Portugal has a long history", he said, noting how "over centuries of discussion between enlightenment, secularism and faith, there has never been a lack of people who have sought to build bridges and create dialogue".

"I believe that the task and mission of Europe in this situation is to discover such dialogue, integrating faith and modern rationality into a single anthropological vision which completes the human being and thus also makes human cultures able to communicate with one another. Thus I would say that secularism is normal, but separation and contrast between secularism and the culture of faith is anomalous and must be overcome. The great challenge of the current time is for the two to meet and thus discover their true identity. This, as I have said, is a mission for Europe and the [great] human need of our own history".

Replying then to another question about the economic crisis, which some people believe could endanger the future of the European Union, Benedict XVI affirmed that "ethics are not something external, but inherent to rationality and economic pragmatism. ... Catholic faith, Christian faith, has often been too individualist, it left concrete and economic matters to the world and thought only of individual salvation", he said.

Yet "the entire tradition of the Church's social doctrine has sought ... to widen the ethical and faith-related dimension, over and above the individual, towards responsibility for the world, towards a rationality 'moulded' by ethics. Moreover, events on the markets over the last two or three years have shown that the ethical dimension is inherent and must become part of economic activity, because man is one, and what counts is ... a sound anthropology that embraces everything. Only in this way can the problem be resolved, only in this way can Europe accomplish its mission".

The third question put to the Pope concerned the significance of the apparitions of Fatima and whether the third secret, apart from referring to the shooting of John Paul II, also referred to the Church's suffering for the sexual abuse of minors.

"Apart from the great vision of the Pope's suffering, which we can primarily ascribe to Pope John Paul II", said Pope Benedict, the apparitions "indicate events of the future of the Church, which develop and are revealed little by little. Thus it is true that, apart from the moment indicated by the vision, we see the need for a passion of the Church, a passion naturally reflected in the person of the Pope, but the Pope stands for the Church and thus it is the sufferings of the Church that are being announced".

"As for the novelties we can discover in this message today", he went on, "we may see that attacks against the Pope and the Church do not only come from outside; rather, the sufferings of the Church come from inside the Church, from the sin that exists in the Church. This was always common knowledge, but today we see it in truly terrifying form: the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin within the Church. Thus the Church has a profound need to relearn penance, to accept purification, to learn forgiveness but also the need for justice. Forgiveness does not replace justice".

PV-PORTUGAL/ VIS 20100512 (800) "