Friday, June 08, 2007

Make them prove it

The Novus Ordo San Diego Diocese continues to be plagued by attorneys representing approximately 150 alleged sexual abuse victims against Novus Ordo priests. So far the Novus Ordo diocese has not elected to make any of these alleged victims prove their cases in court.

One wonders how many of theses trials might expose the high level of homosexual pedophilia that may have been allowed to have exist on or near the tables set in the Churches where the holy altars of our Lord once stood. (Remember the vast majority of these churches used to offer the sacrifice of the mass on altars to our Lord). These altars and tabernacle were torn down and the tabernacles were moved to another location. Now these Churches are equipped with tables envisioned by Martin Luther where a service similar to Lutheran Mass is performed.

One has to assume that Novus Order Bishop Brom won’t allow the Novis Ordo Diocese to defend itself against these allegation because many of these allegations are true and defending the allegation may be extremely inflammatory, may cause rapid decrease in attendance at Mass, and a decrease in revenue.

Currently, the Novus Odor has declared bankruptcy which essentially is an admission of fault and allows the court to divide assets among its creditors (alleged victims). The argument now is not if these crimes were committed but how much money does the Dioceses have and how much goes to each victim.

Currently the Diocese contends it does not own its parishes. The plantif attorneys contends that all parishes are owned by the diocese therefore appraised values of these churches should be added to the big pie and allow more money to go the attorneys and alleged victims..

The court will look at four parishes to determine if these are owned by the Diocese or the parishioners. Theses parishes are: All Hallow's in La Jolla, St. Mark's in San Marcos, St. John of the Cross in Lemon Grove and St. Margaret's in Oceanside.

As the Diocese, attorneys and the court argue how much the Novus Ordo Church is worth the real losers in this process will be the faithful Catholic in the pew. These are Catholics that withstood, liberal priests, nuns, communion in the hand, the imposition of the Lutheran Mass, the tearing down of their altars etc. Whether these attorney get 90Million, $200million or ½ a billion, ultimately the parishioners will pay the price.
One wonders when Catholics will wake up, demand a return to their faith, sacraments, demand their Churches back and demand a true priesthood.

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