Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bishop loves Jews more than Catholics?

The real story is not that a Novus Ordo Bishop is lighting a menorah. Although this is very interesting in itself, the real story is that Novus Ordo Bishop Gomez denied Catholics the right to say prayers at two historic Catholic Churches as reported by

If this story is true it would seem that this bishop prefers non Catholics over Catholics. As the above picture illustrates he prays with Jews but not Traditional Catholics.

We understand that a group of Roman Catholics of the SSPX Chapel in San Antonio wanted to retrace the steps of the first Hispanic Roman Catholics in San Antonio and have a procession from Mission La Concepcion to Mission Espada.

This was a 7 mile walk and at each Catholic Church the group would stop and say certain devotion, whether it be the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, or the Litany of St. Joseph. What a wonderful way for Catholics to express their love for Jesus Christ, honor Catholic Church’s contribution to the United States, and recognize the faith and courage of the Hispanic people in their colonization of the frontier.

These Churches were centers of Catholic faith, apostolic sacraments and the true Mass of the Roman Catholic Church.

According to the above referenced article, the Bishop told the rangers not to allow these Roman Catholics in to pray at the historic churches because he considers them “non Catholic”. This purported statement by the Novus Ordo Bishop demonstrates a complete lack of good faith. It appears that the Bishop forgot his role as a minister to promote prayer. We cannot say the bishop was ignorant because the bishop is old enough to remember true Catholicism.

Our understanding is that these Churches are no longer Church property but run by State Parks. How can anyone order the State Park Rangers to deny access to Catholics who want to pray? This act of denying a Catholic the right to pray displays a remarkable denial of a citizen their right of expression of their faith and freedom of speech on public lands. Further, for a supposed man of God, a supposed Catholic Bishop, to deny a Roman Catholic the right to pray to God is unconscionable.

Will these Roman Catholics sue for violation of their civil rights? Has it come down to Roman Catholics suing the Novus Ordo for their rights, access to their churches and property? Perhaps.

¡ Viva Cristo Rey !