Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catholic support of Protestanism? Maybe....

On May 17, 2007 Aparecida, Brazil.

Novus Ordo Cardinal Rodriguez proposed a solution to the poor level of Catholic conversion in Latin American at the Fifth General Conference of the Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean. He stated: "a new pastoral model that can respond to the longing for the word of God. We need more biblical impetus”. He continued by stating "If these are difficult times, new disciples are needed -- disciples who are able to respond to the difficulty, to resist the cultural storms that we are experiencing."

The question remains: how could it be so hard to maintain the Catholic Faith in Latin American where virtually everyone in Latin America was Roman Catholic before Vatican II. Even in dangerous times, such as in México in the 1920’s, when many Catholics died for the faith, Latin Americans maintained their faith in the Church.

It appears that the Novus Ordo Cardinal is suggesting that his ministers encourage each Catholic to read their own bible as a solution to conversion. This was Martin Luther’s solution as well. It appears that his solution is a Protestant solution.

If these ministers do promote this we may see a repeat of what happened in England and Germany at the time of the reformation. Of course we know that Protestanism was responsible for the splitting up of Christendom in tiny factionalized groups in disagreement with each other as to their interpretation of the bible but unified in one thing: their animosity toward the Roman Catholic Church.

The Novus Ordo Cardinal's recommendation could encourage each Catholic to become their own expert on theology and doctrine which could further increase the inroads of Protestantism in Latin America and the further decline of the Catholic Church. Additionally, we could see the emergence of many more denominations and even new Arian type heresies such as Jehova's Witnesses who deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Regrettably, we may see persecution against those who say the rosary and yearn for true Catholic doctrine.

Why wouldn’t the Novus Ordo Cardinal promote the Rosary, Sacred Heart, Nocturnal Adoration and the return of the true Mass? Wouldn’t these be more positive solutions?

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318@NICE said...

The Novus Ordo just keeps snowballing. Instead of admitting they were wrong, these Modernists continue to try fix one error with another and it just keeps snowballing.
There is a solution, but the modernists hate it: its called Tradition, the faith once handed to the Church by the Apostles, a revelation ending with the last book of the Bible written.
But, for the Modernists its always a "living tradition" which changes daily.

gallicman1 said...

318@nice well said. Catholics locked up in the Novus Ordo apparatus need to wake up and realize they are no longer in the Catholic Church.