Monday, May 14, 2007

Latinos becoming Muslims?

It has been reported that many former Latin American Catholics, most notably Mexican American and Puerto Ricans have left the true faith of Christ and have converted to Islam. Once the faith and to solace of many Latinos, the Catholic Church is taking a back seat to the faith of the enemy.

According to LALM (La Asociacion de Latino Musulmanes) some of the reasons given by converts are the simplicity of the religion, acknowledgement that the Virgin Mary is still the mother of Jesus. They also state that Islam is easier to understand than the concept of the Holy Trinity.
Of course what is not said by LALM is that these former Catholics are denying the divinity of Christ, the concept of original sin, and the need for expiation of sin through the cross. Additionally, converts do not realize Islam bloody history against Christians.

Alarmingly, this abandonment can be attributed to the general lax treatment of Catechism in the Novus Order, the non sacrificial nature of New Mass, and general decadence of the Novus Order.

Traditional Catholicism should be able to find a place with Latin Americans who look for devotion to Mary, sacrificial nature of the Mass, and clarity in their relationship to Christ. This is an opportunity for Traditional Roman Catholics to share our Roman Catholic Faith with our Hispanic brothers whose history is full of devotion to the Mother of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Viva Cristo Rey

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