Friday, November 16, 2007

Commenting on the 46-paragraph-long text

As Novus Ordo Cardinal Kasper stated:

"Commenting on the 46-paragraph-long text in an interview with Vatican Radio, Cardinal Kasper affirmed that "the document speaks of the tension between authority and conciliarity (or synodality) at the local (i.e., diocesan), regional and universal levels. The important development is that for the first time the Orthodox Churches have said yes, this universal level of the Church exists and also at the universal level there is conciliarity, synodality and authority; this means that there is also a Primate; according to the practice of the ancient Church, the first bishop is the bishop of Rome."

When Novus Ordo Cardinal Kaspar states “ancient “ Church does he mean the church founded by Christ, the same Church that offers the sacrifice of the Mass, the Church who’s mission it is to convert all men to Christ?

Does Novus Ordo Cardinal mean the same Church of St. Gregory the Great, Pope St. Pius V and St. Ignatius Loyola? Well, regrettably, the Novus Ordo Missae is not the sacrifice of the Mass and does not try to convert pagans and Jews to Christ. Does Novus Ordo Cardinal Kaspar belong to the Ancient Church or the New or “Novus Ordo” Church.
Novus Ordo Cardinal Kasper continued:
"The next time," added the president of the pontifical council, "we will have to return to the role of the bishop of Rome in the universal Church during the first millennium. Then we must also talk of the second millennium, of Vatican Councils I and II, and this will not be easy; the road is very long and difficult."

Now the questions is will the Orthodox ever accept Vatican I, which they should?

Will the Orthodox accept Vatican II? Yes, if the become as liberal as the Novus Ordo.
And three:
Will the Orthodox agree that the Novus Ordo has valid Episcopal and priestly rites?

If you thought that the traditionalists were critical just wait until the Orthodox start asking the questions.

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