Sunday, November 04, 2007

Could it be that the sedevacantist may be right in that the See of Peter IS vacant?

Could it be that the sedevacantist may be right in that the See of Peter IS vacant?

In traditional circles we hear a lot about the evils of sedevacantists and the praise for Novus Ordo Bishop of Rome, Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum Motum Prorio. (Please see Sept 3, 2007 post for an English language translation of the document). It seems that there are many Catholics who try to attend the true Mass whenever possible and ironically believe that those who have prohibited its use for almost four decades are still Catholic.

Most Traditionalists will agree that the reason they seek out the Tridentine or True Mass is because they do not feel that Christ is present in the Eucharist in the Novus Ordo form (and sometimes species). Essentially, if you are honest Traditionalist, you do not believe that the Novus Ordo (Modern Catholic) Sacramental forms are sacramentally valid.

It seems that the Novus Ordo Bishop of Rome, after prohibiting the True Mass for almost 40 years, all of a sudden is a hero to those he has disenfranchised. This contradiction alone should turn the heads of traditionalists and make them at least ask why. As Catholics we do not need to beg for the True Mass; it is our right as Catholics. As Catholics we should have a clear mind and understand what is and what isn’t true to the faith of Jesus Christ.

You see, essentially what Benedict XVI is saying is he’ll let you have your Mass, that has never been abrogated, if you announce to the world that his invalid Mass is a true Mass . He also is essentially saying he hopes your local bishop will approve of you having a true Mass, and if he doesn’t and you seek the True Mass elsewhere, you are outside the Church, a sedevacantist or both.

Further, let's remember that if the Novus Ordo Mass and sacraments are valid why go back to the older form? Why would we need a SUMMORUM PONTIFICUM? It would not be necessary. It would be a terrible waste to print new books and think of the confusion it would cause in the pews. How could the faithful reconcile the two forms? Would we then be uncatholic if we had two forms?

However, if the New Mass is invalid and its corresponding sacraments are invalid then run as fast as you can and find a traditional priest for valid confession and sacraments. You haven’t had valid sacraments for almost 40 years.

If on the other hand the Novus Ordo is valid, don’t worry, relax, there is no need to change anything. There is no need for a “Latin Mass”. There would be no need for a Motu Proprio.


Our Lady of Lourdes, Fontana, CA said...

Great post, my dear friend. I can't think of any other way to write about the Motu Propio besides putting in my own opinion which states that "the motu propio is nothing more than cheese in a mouse trap". A blogger, whom I know personally has recently wrote a post relating to the Motu Propio. He is known as Athanasius. I welcome you to go after him at any opportunity you see fit and attack him boldly. Beware of him, brother, for he is well read in philosophy and theology. Your opinion on the blog can help stir up opinion and possibly help others to see things from our point of view. Keep up your great work.
The Website Editor of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel.

gallicman1 said...

Thank you for your kind words. Praise God

Our Lady of Lourdes, Fontana, CA said...

I saw your comments on Athanasius. Good try. You see, (between us) he is my brother, and very anti-sedevacantist. Next week, I'll have the displeasure of dealing with him when I go to see him (possibly for the last time). If you go on our site and read "It's not easy being Sedevacantist" you'd understand why I say that. It's hard for me because through the years he was part of my family, and I looked up to him but now I'm the one who has to face him for the rest of my life arguing to a brick wall. God bless you, and nice try. He cannot be convinced by anything we said, that is how ignorant he is. That's my brother for you.
The Website Editor of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel

William Jones said...

As a Sedevacantists myself I want you to know that your nto alone. I am tryign to build a social network for us,come check it out-