Sunday, November 11, 2007

Traditionalist is a Misnomer

What was a Traditionalist prior to the French Revolution? Traditionalist is a misnomer. Ever since the reformation and French Revolution the Catholic has been marginalized and criticized for maintaining the faith of the Apostles. Throughout the 18th, 19th, 20th and so far during the 21st century a Catholic has been characterized as backward, reactionary, antiquated, and yes, “traditionalist”. Catholics have been labeled by the term “traditionalist” as if this was some how bad.

The fact is, while the world became less Catholic, the Catholic has maintained the faith. Maintaining the faith has made the Catholic look less and less modern. So it is the world that is wrong not the Catholic faith.

It is the duty of the Catholic, in charity, to point out how modernity has detrimentally changed and negatively affected society. One of the most destructive changes came from within our own Catholic church, the destruction of the Mass and sacraments, of which, Luther, a modernist, would be happy.

Other changes in society completely at odds with Catholicism are homosexual marriage, work on Sundays, pornography, blasphemy in the media, divorce to name a few.

Is it reactionary to be against homosexual marriage? Yes, in today’s world, yes. Happy to be a Catholic. Traditionalist is a misnomer. Catholics take heart in the faith of Jesus Christ.

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