Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"The gates of hell will never prevail" (Matthew 16: 18)

Frequently we hear that the presence of a Pope is necessary to substantiate Christ’s promise. Subordinating Christ’s promise of “the gates of hell will never prevail" to the continuity of the Papacy is a fallacy. Christ is not a liar; He could not mean that we would always have a Pope. The fact is that between Popes there are periods of “No Pope” or sedevacante. Of course this is obvious.

For the sake of the uninitiated (those who are not conversant in traditional polemics) sedevacante is the period of time between Popes. Therefore at times there is NO Pope. If there is “No” Pope then logically Christ’s promise does not apply to this situation. (Unless you believe that Christ is a liar.)

Christ’s promise does not apply to these periods of sedevacante. This is a very simple argument. Christ’s promise is not that narrow and his love for us is too great to disappoint us during periods of “No Pope”.

Of course you may ask why a Catholic would believe there is no Pope at other times.

Well, it is very simple. Many Catholics believe that a Pope must first be Catholic. Simple, right? Yes it is simple. This means that the Vicar of Christ must uphold the Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition and the mageisterium. Catholic theology is not consistent with prayer with pagans, false ecumenism with Protestants, praying with Moslems toward Mecca, and a host of other actions the Novus Ordo Bishop of Rome has done over the past 40 years.

How has Christ kept his promise? Well, despite, the infestation of modernism in the Novus Ordo Church a Catholic can find valid sacraments through many validly ordained priests and bishops throughout the world. Christ is still found in many tabernacles throughout the world. Although, our opportunity to find a valid Mass has greatly been reduced by the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Missae, enough validly ordained priests and bishops have kept the flame alive. Praise God for these servants of God.

As St. Athanasius once said during the Arian heresy “they have the buildings but we have the faith”.

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