Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sounds of Heaven

Sounds of Heaven

Today, as I was on the way to work, I heard several songs that I liked. Later, as I worked on my desk, I could hear more songs that I liked. Something, though, was different today. I just could not derive the same pleasure I used to from these songs.

So it was for me as each new and old song played on the radio. I am pleased less and less by these songs. These songs are just sounds arranged by man to fit human concepts of emotion and beauty. I realize more and more that all of these things are only temporary, that physical life does end, and eternal truth does exit.

God’s judgment is the great equalizer. It judges rich, poor, smart, and dumb. It judges the pretty, the ugly, the black, the white, the brown and the red.

True music is the music that the Angels play for God in Heaven. I pray, by the grace of God, that I may hear this music in His presence and spend eternity with Him. Praise God and his Holy Name. Pray for me.


Chant lover said...

Here is a song that might bring some consolation:


gallicman1 said...

Thank you. You’re right. This is very beautiful music. We were very blessed to hear Veni Sancte Spiritus on Pentecost Sunday. Here is an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqkR-4l73CI
God Bless.